Daily sense@goodWork: 2 factors

As a conscientious professional, my ever-present daily sense of “good work” depends mostly on

  • AA) visible output, visible to boss and other people. AA is the dominant factor and all but determines my feeling of good work.
  • BB) personal sacrifice — sometimes invisible to others. Factors include the amount of hours I spend in office

AA without high BB? sometimes I feel a bit guilty, but usually I feel proud of myself. Remember 95G, Barcap, RTS…

Now, grandpa’s view (echoed by others) is to reduce the influence of AA, to desensitize myself. AA is an external factor, not even an objective measurement. It’s perilous to let AA control my sense of good work.

问心无愧. 尽我所能.

##[16] lower jobs:Plan B if !!dev-till-70

I had blogged about this before, such as the blogger-pripri post on “many long term career options”

Hongzhi asked what if you can’t go to the US.

* Some Singapore companies simply keep their older staff since they still can do the job, and the cost of layoff is too high. My experience at OC/Macq convinced me to have very low hope.
* Support and maintenance tech roles
* Some kind of managerial role ? I guess I am mediocre but could possibly do it, but i feel hands-on work is easier and safer.
* Teach in a Poly or private school ? possibly not my strength
* Run some small business such as Kindergarten with wife

##xp staying-on after PIP, with dignity

  • +xp GS: informal, unofficial PIP, before I went to Kansas City for July 4th. After it, I stayed for close to a year.
  • +xp Stirt: I overcame the setback at end of 2014 and scored Meet/Meet albeit without a bonus.

Now I think it is possible to stay on with dignity, even pride. I didn’t do anything disgraceful.

I hope at my age now, I would grow older and wiser, less hyper-sensitive less vulnerable, more mellow more robust, or even more resilient.

That would be a key element of personal growth and enlightenment.

FTE or contractor: lowest stress]U.S. as family@@

After hibernation, for the first few years in the U.S. as a family, quite possibly my stress level (and wife’s) would grow to a record high.

Q: Would a contract or VP job give me stress relief?
A: Clearly, contract job feels lighter, despite the lower salary and lower job security.

Boss personality is the biggest wildcard, but I would say job nature (esp. expectation) is crucial/vital. VPs are benchmarked and ranked. As contractor, I think renewal based on budget is the main appraisal.

MSOL zoom by mouse/touchpad/touchscreen

My home laptop screen resolution is such that zoom-in is required when reading outlook messages. How do I use keyboard to easily zoom in on a new message?

— touch screen two-finger pinch works, even though I disabled it in my laptop

— Ctrl + right-scrollUp is similar to the slider.

With mouse, this gesture is probably proven and reliable. With a touchpad, I relied on two-finger scroll.

Two-finger up-scroll + Ctrl does zoom in 🙂

— two-finger page scroll without Ctrl key : is unrelated to zooming

Windows gives us two choices. I chose “Down motion means scroll down”. Intuitively, the two-finger feels like holding the vertical scroll-bar on a webpage and in Initellj.

Note Intellij scroll is otherwise impossible with touch-screen or touchpad!