easyMock && mock-object — oo technique

* uses java’s proxy feature
* covers one of junit’s weaknesses
* “recording” required
* useful for jdbc testing

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mock_Object addresses
* needed in what kind of unit testing scenarios

“mock objects can simulate the behavior of complex, real (non-mock) objects and are therefore useful when a real object is difficult to incorporate into a unit test.”
=> For FTTP testing, it might help when u need a “mock iview object” ie a mock object in place of the real iview

bash search`unix command #precedence

Q: what if you have an alias, a shell func, a shell built-in (like “echo”), a unix executable file, and your own script all sharing the same name?

Focus on 2 simple rules for now:

1) Your own aliases override everything else (such as shell functions)

2) $PATH is the very last (after things like shell built-in commands) place searched by the shell. Executables in $PATH are external to the shell.

I think the same precedence holdes for any shell.

simple(@@) topics ] java

db connection obj
db connection set-up
thread-safe collections
jdbc conn pool

4 scopes


simple? Is shell scripting simple?

These tend to be interview questions, because
* most of us are expected to have used them or know them well
* => yardstick to measure and compare candidates
* familiar to most interviewers