My xx-absorbency[def#1]!=highest #don’t scold boy 耐得住寂寞

See also 耐得住寂寞,也是天分 #absorbency for students

Obviously 99% of us have limited technical talent like learning capacity, memory, problem solving speed .. but today I will focus on another factor “absorbency | 耐得住寂寞” – the capacity to endure repetitive practice, sustained focus, often in solitude, and build the /mileage/ required for mastery. No one has unlimited absorbency. Sooner or later we all reach saturation point, or “breaking point” (Liu Shuo).

Opening example — I often tell my friends “Study is not hard work for me.”

example — When I was trying rock climbing, my finger and forearm would get too tired for me to continue. On the other hand, as a teenager, I could do 600 sit-up in 10 minutes non-stop.

example — jogging and yoga turns out 2 b%%most heroic self-mastery

Absorbency is one of the top 5 most important technical talents, (possibly top 3), esp. in the long run.

Some fellow parents (like Li Yi) said the vast majority of primary school pupils are not very different in IQ. I would add that differences in absorbency is huge. I often feel my son is weaker on absorbency when practicing piano, Chinese handwriting and math. I think he is improving. His swimming practice has always been good. My daughter shows more absorbency for hand-writing, renzi, and piano.

Some individuals are not the brightest/fastest but can tolerate high amounts of practice and can become formidable like 郭靖, 小龙女, compared to 杨过.

Note the word “absorbency” is more precise than ‘effort’. Absorbency is more about capacity, less about attitude, motivation.

Let’s shift focus to my own technical absorbency. I want to point out I’m not the strongest so I should not blame my son.

  1. Coding drill – I can do more than most peers, but then some grads can solve more than 5 problems a day, and pass all Leetcode tests.
  2. Quant study – I did more than half my homework on my own. Some classmates were able to practice and study more.
  3. Getting a grasp on a big codebase – absorbency required, beside learning speed + memory.
  • eg flight — how much technical learning you get on a 15H long flight is a measure of your technical absorbency.
  • eg coding drill — Rahul, me and Abhinav each find joy in coding drill but many of my friends seem to focus on reading the ideas rather than practicing and solving problems independently. Focusing on the end result rather than the journey is no fun. The joy increases your absorbency
  • Positive feedback — is a key factor affecting absorbency. Coding practice and software programming offers immediate feedback.
  • self-doubt — I frequently (once a month?) question my endeavor (and the elusive strategic value) .. detrimental to absorbency. It’s already hard to absorb the practice even without these self-doubts.
    * yoga
    * risk analytics
    * socket

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