allow a domain user to logon to a win2003 server

Control panel -> Local sec policy -> grant AllowLogonThroughTerminalService to that user

MyComputer -> Property -> Remote -> add to RemoteUsers


pitfalls with NTFS junction point and warn —

^^Junction point target must be a local file system directory. Target can’t be a file.
^^Most delete operations are junction-unfriendly. Can damage the target i.e. the real files !
^^DOS command dir can report odd free-space statistics on drives that contain folders acting as junction points.
^^Junction points can cause havoc with certain backup programs, that aren’t junction-point aware.
^^if a target folder C:\a\b\T contains some kind of link (symlink? hard link? shortcut?) then I find it troublesome to move the folder content somewhere and replace C:\a\b\T with a junction point

^^Junction points do not work at boot, so it’s impossible to “redirect” i.e. substitute a hardlink for e.g.:

Nevertheless, it is possible to redirect:
\Documents and Settings
\Program Files
\Program Files (x86)