## a few devops technical tips : %%xp

  • * continuous bamboo build triggered by commits
  • * automated test as part of continuous build
  • * automated packaging (jar, c++ lib, python installable distro…) and upload into central repository (such as Maven/Nexus)
  • * automated build stream (with history) created in continuous build engine, when a branch is created in git
  • * require each commit to start with a jira id
  • * generate release notes from commit messages

cloud4java developers – brief notes

Am an enterprise java developer, not a web developer. I feel PaaS is designed more for the web developer.

I agree with the general observation that IaaS doesn’t impact us significantly.

I feel SaaS doesn’t either. SaaS could offer devops (build/delivery) services for java developer teams.

PaaS has the biggest impact. We have to use the API /SDK provided by the PaaS vendor. Often no SQL DB. Can’t access a particular host’s file system. MOM is rarely provided.