stored-proc ^ dynamic-sql

In some apps, these are the 2 main solutions.

I think dynamic sql isn’t industry-standardized (stored proc has an ANSI standard) and depends heavily on rdbms server support.

In theory, once microsoft/oracle has a good dynamic-sql feature, other vendors could follow.

Search for “dynamic sql oracle/sybase/db2/…”

eclipse build-path

J4: 10% of the non-trivial but /tractable/ beginner eclipse problems are related [1] to build-path. If you don’t mind studying “too much” on a topic, study build path.

Each source folder can define an exclusion-filter to specify which resources inside the folder should be invisible to the compiler.

offline help > Java Development User Guide > Reference > Property Pages > Java Build Path page

[1] indirectly, perhaps in hind sight