stored-proc ^ dynamic-sql

In some apps, these are the 2 main solutions.

I think dynamic sql isn’t industry-standardized (stored proc has an ANSI standard) and depends heavily on rdbms server support.

In theory, once microsoft/oracle has a good dynamic-sql feature, other vendors could follow.

Search for “dynamic sql oracle/sybase/db2/…”


eclipse build-path

J4: 10% of the non-trivial but /tractable/ beginner eclipse problems are related [1] to build-path. If you don’t mind studying “too much” on a topic, study build path.

Each source folder can define an exclusion-filter to specify which resources inside the folder should be invisible to the compiler.

offline help > Java Development User Guide > Reference > Property Pages > Java Build Path page

[1] indirectly, perhaps in hind sight

Eclipse compiler warning — customize

— based on offline help:

“For some other types of problems you can, however, specify if you want the Java compiler to report them as warnings, errors or to ignore them. To change the default settings, use the Java > Compiler > Errors/Warnings preference page.”

Suggestion (untested): During rush phase, many of your colleagues would probably ignore the hundreds of warnings anyway. On the config window, Try to turn every listed item from “warning” to “ignore”. May reduce noise. When you want to work on your code quality, you may wnat to turn on specific items.

eclipse, randome learning notes

2 common practices
– src && class files in the same folder
– src && class files in separate folders, by default named

When you encounter an existing body of source code (perhaps on a colleague’s system), recognize this common /pattern/

A project contains only files and folders. The notion of a Java package is introduced by a Java project’s class path.

Q: “How do I prevent having my documentation files from being copied to the project’s output folder?”

Q: Can I have an output or source folder that is located outside of the workspace?
A: Yes, you can create a linked folder that points to the desired location and use that folder as the source or output folder in your Java project.