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I agree the project is a more important development concept, but the solution also has unique, important functionalities. I found many of these functionalities from [[MSVS 2010 unleashed]].

* project dependency is described in the sln file.

* you can build an entire solution, according to the predefined build order

* a solution can contain so-called non-project items such as documentation. All such files are by default put into the “Solution Items” virtual folder.


keyboard accelerator to open c:/temp/a

Easy in win-xp- – Create an item on the start menu. The item is a link to the tmp file

–solution 1:
On win7, I had to name the file something like c:/temp/tmppp.txt. Then place a shortcut on Desktop outside any myShortcuts\ folder. Then right-click -> properties -> shortcut.

Ineffective when notepad++ is already running (possibly minimized to tray…) So the workaround is Alt-F4 to kill notepad++ then use the shortcut key

–Solution 2: drag shortcut “pin to start menu”

1. Open mswe and locate the file
2. Drag the file towards the start button until “pin to start menu”
3. Pin it to top of the list
4. From now on, we can wake up the start menu then arrow-down, blindfold