3 differences between @ include ^ jsp:inclue

What's included? is the raw “file content” included or the translated “response” included?

When u edit the file, is it accessed at the next request?

At what points during the processing flow do the 2 insertions occur?


php oo xx notes

static method is known as “class method”, just like in java. But “static” in php has non-OO meanings too.

setting a variable to null would help the GC, just like in java.

cmp -> hibernate

UBS用的基本上都是CMP,现在已经开始用hibernate了。但不是所有项目都用。hibernate 只能说是刚开始使用。一些小的project中用到。以后的趋势肯定是会逐渐用到多数项目中。

hibernate确实不错,现在流行用spring和hibernate结合,spring framework做transaction management. hibernate 做data access object. 搭配使用,效果不错。

记得你说不久前 UBS 改用 Hibernate. 在这之前是不是用 CMP?

我逐渐感觉到, 对于大机构, 数据量庞大, 数据之间关系异常复杂, Normalize 之后可达到几百上千个表. 所以任何与数据处理相关的技术和流程都要求严格, 也不惜重本.

我觉得能达到这种要求的 Object/Relational Mapping 技术, 只有 CMP, Hibernate, JDO, Oracle Toplink 这几种. 恐怕还是 CMP 资格最老, 用的最多吧?

me as a good team player

see also [[ rare qualities ] developers ]]
see also [[ strengths.xls ]]

Background: wall street values team players.

#1) fairness and an objective mind is kind of rare but extremely important
* helping new comers
* helping initially slow learners
* helping older colleagues
* feeling and showing gratitude
* documentation designed for teammates
* taking initiative for knowledge sharing. my emails
* cross-cultural
* open-communications with due respect to confidentiality. not “selective sharing”
* defending the vulnerable and victims
* owning up to mistakes, in public
* no air of superiority. Approachable
* no favoritism
* no personal attack