MSExcel | special LEDs

These special LEDs “radiate” useful information, but many users don’t recognize them.
–Formula ribbon -> showFormulas
Affects entire workSheet, but not entire workBook
–status bar quick stats, showing sum, average by default. customizable by right-click
–in function wizard, bold args are mandatory
— single $ vs 2 separate $s in a formula
$K33 means FIX column K when we copy the formula;
K$33 means FIX row 33

MSExcel | time-savers

–select a row of cell populated with formulas -> double click on the right-bottom handle ==> will auto drag downward


–rename a tab, quickly — double click the tab

–to see (long) list of sheets Vertically, right click on the tab-navigator buttons

–to clear format on a cell — Home ribbon -> clear button

— sort quickly — click any cell in the key column -> Data ribbon -> ascendingSort button ==> will sort the entire “natural table”

–VIEW ribbon -> arrangeAll -> TILE ==> 2 workbooks side by side …. easiest way to move tabs between workbooks

–to copy formatting from source cell to target cell

click source cell -> home ribbon -> formatPainter -> click target cell