blog page showing only original_content

Not worth the effort. I can do some research. So far, all the search results use php coding.

Sugg: ask in forum or by email

Sugg: once a while, export from wordpress and import into blogger under my own domain name.

sugg: can wordpress page help?

sugg: pay a hosting firm (up to $200/year). Can turn on ad-sense. Full flexibility.


##j4 pearl blog

As I grow older and get too many things to juggle (including kids, home maintenance…), I don’t have the energy for the artificial complexity of multiple blogs. Search is much easier if everything is in one blog.

At my age, tcost is now a higher priority, relative to the justifications below.

j4: recruitment — (original motivation) — my recrec blog is for recruitment so all content should be for that purpose. b_u_t I don’t think many of them read it seriously.

j4: some categories are not meaningful for recrec blog such as US_imm. b_u_t look at the career-related categories !

j4: brief — some tech blog posts are very brief and trivial. b_u_t the quality in my main blog is declining too. I can use the z_* categories for these

private gz posts – which blog

Background — I have a few dozen “private and confidential” blog posts about work experiences and plans.

Choice: recrec blog, private view
Choice: 1330152open blog
(Discarded choice: private blog in blogger)

–advantages of recrec:

  • well-designed categories. I often rely on them for my own review
  • the posts in this blog are higher quality and valuable insight
  • I can easily switch on/off the privacy protection, without moving the post

–advantages of the 1330152 blog:

  • the recrec blog was not designed for self review purpose, though it is used that way nowadays

–Conclusion: use quality as criteria. Keep low qualities in 1330152.

labels: cope^pain^threat^GTD

I would say choose one among

gzCope, gzPain, gzThreat, GTD

In rare cases, use simultaneous categories.

Also, the relevant posts in the pripri/open blogs, I feel better move to this blog and mark them private. Easier to manage in one place.

GTD is more specific than Cope. In a sense, all GTD posts are also part of Cope but actually Cope is more about job market, moving up, choosing specializations.

sticky~most widely useful content on my blog

The 2 major + some minor categories

#1 tech tips, observations, experiences —
#2 finance/trading/quant knowledge
# wall st tech workplace realities

I feel #1 is more widely useful. My #2 content is often amateurish.

Introductory topics are more widely useful, but there are often good explanations online and in print, so you may need to specialize on a niche topic. Most importantly, you need to develop a communication style to reach out to beginners, using clear English.

labels: original_content ^ _orig

original_content — should be original AND worthwhile

good enough to show on don’t be too strict. Most readers only look those few posts on first page.

I don’t want to “contrive” for the short term. My labels, once applied, should slowly build up like a snowball.
Over the long run, when we have 600 original_content posts, the defining feature would be “original”

— _orig label
If too many items pending “promotion/approval”, then perhaps move to “orig2”??

sticky~resist publishing ..

— before publishing
* check labels
* check dates
* check title

draft status means … need refresh, or not finalized…
drafts are easier to edit
drafts are easier backdate
drafts serve as refreshers
Resist temptation to publish drafts. You can mass publish drafts but not reverse.

too many posts in draft –> may lose data? nah