##j4 pearl blog

As I grow older and get too many things to juggle (including kids, home maintenance…), I don’t have the energy for the artificial complexity of multiple blogs. Search is much easier if everything is in one blog.

At my age, tcost is now a higher priority, relative to the justifications below.

j4: recruitment — (original motivation) — my recrec blog is for recruitment so all content should be for that purpose. b_u_t I don’t think many of them read it seriously.

j4: some categories are not meaningful for recrec blog such as US_imm. b_u_t look at the career-related categories !

j4: brief — some tech blog posts are very brief and trivial. b_u_t the quality in my main blog is declining too. I can use the z_* categories for these

private gz posts – which blog

Background — I have a few dozen “private and confidential” blog posts about work experiences and plans.

Choice: recrec blog, private view
Choice: 1330152open blog
(Discarded choice: private blog in blogger)

–advantages of recrec:

  • well-designed categories. I often rely on them for my own review
  • the posts in this blog are higher quality and valuable insight
  • I can easily switch on/off the privacy protection, without moving the post

–advantages of the 1330152 blog:

  • the recrec blog was not designed for self review purpose, though it is used that way nowadays

–Conclusion: use quality as criteria. Keep low qualities in 1330152.


I would say choose one among

gzCope, gzPain, gzThreat, GTD

In rare cases, use simultaneous categories.

Also, the relevant posts in the pripri/open blogs, I feel better move to this blog and mark them private. Easier to manage in one place.

GTD is more specific than Cope. In a sense, all GTD posts are also part of Cope but actually Cope is more about job market, moving up, choosing specializations.

sticky~most widely useful content on my blog

The 2 major + some minor categories

#1 tech tips, observations, experiences —
#2 finance/trading/quant knowledge
# wall st tech workplace realities

I feel #1 is more widely useful. My #2 content is often amateurish.

Introductory topics are more widely useful, but there are often good explanations online and in print, so you may need to specialize on a niche topic. Most importantly, you need to develop a communication style to reach out to beginners, using clear English.