RESTful – phrase book

agile – …

coupling – less coupling between client and server, so server side changes are easier. I think SOAP requires client rebuild.

b2b – still dominated by SOAP

resource-oriented services – …

object – each URL logically represents an object, which you can Get (query), POST (create), PUT (update its content) or DELETE

Q: is REST simpler than traditional SOA or SOAP web services?

Q: the concept of “resource” — does it sometimes mean a database record?


weblogic server910_generic.jar

Q: where to find this jar?

A: according to google: go to bea download site, select “solaris 10 x86” and u will get server910_generic.jar

Q: Working on solaris on sparc hardware?

A: yes. Tested many times with T2000 servers.

Q: The jar can work on win32?

A: jdk150_08 will break weblogic910. Confirmed: jdk150_04 supports weblogic insalled from weblogic910_generic.jar

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entity means …in ORM lingo

It means an object in memory, backed by a DB record… see [[beginning java EE 7]]


DOM+other components of ajax

[[beginning java ee7]] P372 points out that ajax technology stack includes


• xhtml as “final data format” to render the page on browser

• xml or json or plan text as payload


data types in jason

numbers, strings, booleans




object – basically associative array of name-value pairs


JPA2 supports stored proc (empty



simplest java web server using thread pool


idle timer inside app server engines

I just realized idle timers are often “passive”. You may imagine a separate thread performing periodic polling to detect idlers[1]. Well, not common.

Idle Timer is just a “state” added to the “decoratee”. When the decoratee becomes idle, that time is saved in that state field. When a “Request” is received from a client Call from any thread, the state is checked. If idle time has been too long, we kill that decoratee or mark it as obsolete

See P189 [[Weblogic]]

[1] Heart beat checker is that way.


!! all BEA products are market share leaders

1) weblogic server

2) Oracle service bus. This is not the MOM

other BEA products aren’t as widely used.