RESTful – phrase book

agile – …

coupling – less coupling between client and server, so server side changes are easier. I think SOAP requires client rebuild.

b2b – still dominated by SOAP

resource-oriented services – …

object – each URL logically represents an object, which you can Get (query), POST (create), PUT (update its content) or DELETE

Q: is REST simpler than traditional SOA or SOAP web services?

Q: the concept of “resource” — does it sometimes mean a database record?

weblogic server910_generic.jar

Q: where to find this jar?

A: according to google: go to bea download site, select “solaris 10 x86” and u will get server910_generic.jar

Q: Working on solaris on sparc hardware?

A: yes. Tested many times with T2000 servers.

Q: The jar can work on win32?

A: jdk150_08 will break weblogic910. Confirmed: jdk150_04 supports weblogic insalled from weblogic910_generic.jar

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