[07] questioning accumulation

You have repeatedly focused on accu.

@55, if u accumulate 5 years of lead-architect xp, it’s like to help tanbin’s sy1 (tanbin is suitable for it) even though
* even though In 2029 sg AR may earn less than many non-AR roles in US
* even though many of your peers might be in more glamorous roles in other countries earning more
* even though process differs from telco to telco — xp
* even though once-dominant technologies subside. Consider Raymond, Software AG, novell, Notes, Infomix…
* even though in many jobs and in many domains, accu is /elusive/
* even though — xp — you were frequently distracted by dotcoms, sunrise domains …
Q: how fast to become an large sys AR
If it takes years, then let’s accumulate now. Don’t diversify into PHP, DBA or SAP
Q: if not in US, then in SG?
perhaps lower pay than a non-AR role in US. Not greed.
Q: u feel AR adds more value than other roles, but it could be an internal system or a new, unproven service?
A: Still, AR tend to add more value.

tech design “debate” with mgr

Some pointers from Rahul and other colleagues

  • [GS] pick your battle
  • manager will be the one holding the baby after you leave the team.
  • I feel I need to pay attention to the para-linguistics, and not focus solely on the technical side
  • I tend to hold strong views on design question that aren’t really major. I tend to argue and hold my ground even when it’s really a minor design decision. I appear stubborn and argumentative when I suspect the decision makers have not fully understood my points. Once I see that manager completely understands my arguments, I would stop pushing.
  • I feel i should put a limit on how much time I’m “costing” my mgr. After mgr has spent, say, 10 minutes listening to my points, I should probably “give up”.
  • [MS] Mgr probably hopes that I accept the collective decision and be “happy”, not reluctantly ..
  • [MS] need to avoid giving the impression that I have made up my mind about which design is best and only here to persuade.
  • [MS] need to avoid giving the impression that I’m not really open to new input
  • [MS] try to show unbiased .. without a favorite, even though my proposal is clearly my favorite
  • I hope to strike a balance between striving for a better design, and minimizing conflict
  • Try to detach the egos from the competing designs

## some of my controversial decisions #home,imm,retire..

Hi Junli,

You don’t need to reply. This is my periodic review of “everything in my life”.

I have recently implemented a few controversial decisions about my career, investment, family..

(As an example, the biggest is moving back to U.S. alone and starting the green card process.)

I make major decisions carefully and slowly (unless decisiveness needed), but an observer may say I’m not a good decision maker and point out my track record. Actually I don’t remember anyone pointed them out, not even my family members. The person who point a finger at my “unwise” decisions is the “judge” in my head…

Here are some of those controversial decisions

  • I will not give up Singapore citizenship, and I will retire in Singapore, relying on the Singapore government for my retirement. Singapore system is much more caring and efficient than China or U.S. systems.
  • I plan to work till 70 or older, perhaps for a token salary. I will keep up my interview skills.
  • I have stayed away from most of the new technologies — javascript, mobile apps, big data, social media, noSQL, block-chain … Instead, I have embraced the shrinking domain of c++
  • I feel my relationship and communication skills are not my strengths so through a series of trials-and-errors I have decided to stick to a technical career.
  • I’m staying in Bayonne, planning to buy my first home here. The schools are just above average.
  • I have always preferred home locations that doesn’t need a car.
  • At age 44 I decided to leave my family in Singapore and come to the U.S. to start the GC process