salary has smallest impact@family well-being

Nowadays I often feel 20k lower salary doesn’t affect my self-esteem or family well-being. In contrast, stigma/respect/coworkerBenchmark, job market depth, workload, commute,,, have bigger impact on family well-being.

Holding too tight on a trophy salary or trophy “brank” can breed real strain in family well-being. Holding-tight seems to boost self-esteem but is actually self-glorification in disguise, which put heavy strain on my self-esteem in GS, Stirt, Macq.

–salary bench-marking

Self-esteem is affected by salary bench-marking to some extent, but stigma has heaviest impact on self-esteem.

Those websites showing salary bench-marking are poisonous. Admittedly, we do need to collect some benchmark data to ensure we are paid fairly, but most people care too much about the benchmark.

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