## 9 short but deep c++IV Q

  • [0x] Q: exactly .. differences and similarities between auto_ptr and unique_ptr?
  • [0x] Q: exactly .. what’s the usage of weak_ptr?
  • [0x] Q: exactly when do you need to call std::move()
  • [0x] Q: what kind of things can be assigned to a rvr variable?
  • [0x] Q: give some examples of famous move-only types and explain why and how they are used
  • [0x] Q: give an exact example of exception safety enhancement provided by make_shared
  • [0x] Q: beside the big6, what kind of functions would accept a rvr param? push_back().. rather few outside the STL
  • — also-ran:
  • Q: why catch by reference?
  • Q: explain some consequences when a dtor throws?
  • [0x=c++0x]

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