factory patterns explained graphically

https://vivekcek.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/simple-factory-vs-factory-method-vs-abstract-factory-by-example/ has nice block diagrams and examples.

  • CC) “Simple factory” is the most widely used one but not a widely known pattern, not even a named pattern. “SimpleFactory” is just an informal name

I mostly used simple factory and not the other factory patterns.

Any time I have a method that creates and returns polymorphic objects from a family (like different Trades), I would name the entire class SomeFactory. I often add some states and additional features but as a class or struct, it is still a simple manufacturer.

  • BB) factory method — a family of manufacturer classes. Each supports a virtual create() method. Each is responsible for instantiating just one specific type of object. NokiaFactory.create() only creates NokiaPhone objects.
  • AA) AbstractFactory — too complex and needed in very special situations only.

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