at run time, function must be predefined ] python #c++

As shown in, you can randomly shuffle your functions bodies (i.e. definitions) as long as … at run time, each function call can resolve to a function already seen by the interpreter, not a function to be defined later in the script.

Easiest way is to call main() after all function bodies. By the time main() runs and uses any of those functions, the interpreter runtime has already parsed the function body.

If you move func8() body to after the call to main() (I didn’t say “the body” of main()), then python will complain that func8 is undefined. It’s as bad as:

print var3; var3=3

(Note there’s no declaration vs definition for python functions.)

C is more strict — at Compile time (not run time), when the compiler encounters a name like func5(), it insists func5() declaration (or definition) is already seen.

To satisfy the compiler, people put function declarations in include files. Function definition obeys ODR.

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