shared_ptr {vector} for array@heap

You can’t create a raw ptr from array-new and then use it to create a shared_ptr. The final dtor of the shared_ptr club would call delete, not the required array-delete.

I would prefer shared_ptr<vector<int>>. See The vector would be allocated on heap [1]. The ptr-to-vector would be deleted by the last “club member”. This deletion would trigger the (RAII) dtor of the vector. The RAII would clean up the memory of the underlying raw array.

[1] In contrast, when we instantiate a vector object as a local object the vector “shell” including the housekeeping fields are allocated on stack. See housekeeping^payload fields: vector,string,shared_ptr

If you must use shared_ptr<int> instead, then shows a simple custom deleter to invoke array-delete

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