bitBucket: investigate history of merges

Scenario: throughout the month, your main branch takes in many pull-requests. You want to see the sequence of merge points in chronological order.

On BitBucket, the commit listing is chronological but doesn’t show the merge commits. I usually unhide the merge commits, so on my page the merge commits are interleaved with “regular” commits in chronological order like

  • merg3
  • merge2
  • commit2c
  • merge1
  • commit1b
  • commit2b
  • commit 2a
  • commit1a
  • commit3a

The regular commits line up according to their commit timestamps. the most recent merge could have its one and only commit created months ago !

What I want is “nothing but the merge points”. I think I have to ignore the “regular” commits and only look at the merge commits.

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