[19] j^python arg passing #(im)mutable

Python is ALWAYS pbref.

— list/arrayList, dict/HM etc: same behavior between java and py —
pbref. Edits by the function hits the original object.

— string: probably identical behavior between java and py —
immutable in both java and py.

Passed by reference in both.

If function “modifies” the string content, it gets a new string object (like copy-on-write), unrelated to the original string object in the “upstairs” stackframe.

— ints, floats etc: functionally similar between java and py —
If function modifies the integer content, the effect is “similar”. In python a new int object is created (like string). In java this int is a mutable clone of the original, created on the stackframe.

Java int is primitive, without usable address and pbclone, never pbref.

Python numbers are like python strings – immutable objects passed by reference. Probably copy-on-write.

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