Q: your #1 domain xp.. pricing^mktData@@

See also marketable_domain_xp spreadsheet… Don’t spend too much time on this question… illusion. Though I see myself a veteran in some domain but hiring managers may see a haphazard collection of marginally related experiences. I may say AA is my #1 domain, but I may still choose BB domain.

E-trading (AutoTrading) and OMS are too vague as domains. Means different things to different people.

In terms of absolute length, pricing would be my #1 domain

  1. Citi pre-trade bond pricing
  2. Barcap
  3. Stirt risk bucketing
  4. OC Quest
  5. MSFM + self-study

In terms of depth, I’m very comfortable with the (limited) math therein, which is an entry barrier to many.

  • 😦 However, this domain has relatively few jobs and poor accumulation
  • 😦 Mostly in ibanks
  • 🙂 has contract roles
  • 🙂 salary premium? occasionally
  • 🙂 entry barrier? reasonable

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