growing popularity@scripting languages #threat2c++

See also sg19 %% attitude on java, relative2c++ and ..

By 2019, I have noticed growing popularity of high-level languages like GO, node.js and python … all dynamic, scripting languages, in contrast to compiled languages. However, java is still fairly relevant. I won’t say too much about the possible reasons — ease of learning, ease of finding and training new hires…

i feel this trend is a continuation + evolution of a longer trend — from c/c++ to java/c#.

One direct impact of this trend — demand for c++ skill is shrinking[3], again. The remaining c++ jobs tend to pay lower than these “easier” languages or require deep expertise (like HFT shops) .. very bad deals for the c++ job seekers.

[3] It’s important to remember that demand for c# and perl developers is also shrinking.

come-n-go /Flash-in-the-pan — In my younger days (early 2000’s), there were also a growing choice of scripting languages but only one became general purpose — Perl. I feel GO, node.js may lose popularity over the coming years. These languages are popular partly because they are new. I described elsewhere that among the scripting languages, only 1 or 2 will dominate. Perl was dethroned by python.

See y re-enter c++if jobs fewer — I still believe c++ is harder and “builds character“, unless you spend 90% of your c++ career using wrappers that other people wrote and don’t bother to look under the hood.

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