RTS: Don’t rely@QA2test your code@@

insightful article: managing tight deadlines is the background

My ICE manager said "Don’t rely on QA team to test your code. Do your thorough testing before passing to QA."

This is Impractical given the thousands of detailed items in a 50-page spec. Thorough developer testing would take more time and I didn’t do it. A colleague was able to give QA team a well-tested rpm and received only 30 bug reports (mine received 60 to 100), but did it win him any award? No.

  • I could explain my requirement is more complex. Manager may or may not accept.
  • Sometimes we could explain one of us is new
  • Which system has more crashes in QA/production? Each crash can take a long time to figure out. Thorough developer testing doesn’t help much here.
  • In the end, which system goes live faster? That’s the visible yardstick. 2nd visible yardstick is how quickly we start QA, so by cutting corners on developer testing, I was able to start QA earlier. A more thorough developer test won’t help with any of these visibles.

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