[19] deep-learning seminar takeaways

Historical observation by Ameet of DeterminedAI

  • Earliest application domain — image classification, using GPU, part of Computer Vision. beat human performance in 2015
  • Initially Apache Sparks and MLib didn’t support deep learning
  • DL only became a college comp science topic since 2010’s. AI is now one of the hottest majors.
  • ML was mostly an academic discipline… need to become an engineering discipline. 2 barriers
    • complex workflow
    • fragmented, not holistic infrastructure

DeepLearning training phase can take months

Hyperparameters — configurations to define a specific DL model

Top 3 classic DeepLearning domains — computer vision, (audible) speech and textual NLP.

–social science applications have been less spectacular

  • CRM
  • Recommendation system
  • Mobile advertising
  • Financial fraud detection
  • NLP – highly successful application of deep learning even though data is produced by humans !

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