## past vindicative specializations

Quant and other Unsuccessful diversifications are not the focus today.

 (scales 0-5) mkt value given my direction robust
entry barrier accu achieved %%expertise relative to peers surprise level
mktData #socket  4 growing not everyone has xp  3  2  4
bondMath  3 yes math is not natural
to most dev
 2  4  3
c++  5 ok not growing higher than I thought  5  3  2
Algo practice  5 Growing high 4 #XR disagrees  5  5
python  3 growing low  2  3  3
Unix scripting + commands  2 growing medium  4  4  3
RDBMS  3 shrinking low  5  4 0 #under-whelming
MOM  1 yes medium  1  1  1

–algo practice for IV
^ good amount of accumulation
^ my confidence is boosted esp. in c++
^ I’m rising to the challenge of coding test growing popular

^ boosts my IV confidence
▼no critical mass yet

–option domain knowledge including BS:
▼ much lower demand than bond math

— C# and XAML
^ Microsoft is a major force
▼not aligned to my current direction

^ was my Achilles heel, now slowly gaining confidence

–C++ GTD and IV
^ I made real progress in 1) GTD and 2) IV but not during Mac days — wrong job nature
^ deepens my java understanding
▼ those high paying domains (HFT, quant) are too hard to break into

▼ultralow demand

–javascript, php, mysql
▼not aligned to my direction

▼ market too fragmented

–EJB, Spring, Hibernate
▼falling out of favor

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