mainstream^specialist jobs: positioning in Sg+U.S.

I feel this is all about positioning — accumulation, body-building contest…. The high-end jobs are always limited and contested.

  • I tend to see algoTrading and quantDev as high-end specialist roles.
  • I tend to see app owner or lead developer (a.k.a. architect) in mainstream domains not as “low-level specialist“, because I tend to believe “devil is in the details”. I feel better with the low-level specialist role
  • There are also many senior dev roles in mainstream (non-specialist) domains, such as market data, risk,…

In the U.S. there are more specialist type of roles, some even open to contractors.

In Singapore, I sought after HFT and quantDev specialist roles but as I told a Bbg interviewer, these attempts never worked out. The quant related roles offered no accumulation and poor market depth. Therefore, for my next Singapore job I will consider more mainstream.


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