y employers prefers younger workers, a revisit

My neighbor Julius (of Indonesia) said

* younger employees mean lower cost
* more energy
* can map out a 10Y career plan for him

–Below are my own observations and reading.

The younger guys often have more spare time available. Granted, many choose to spend it outside work, but a small percentage (30%?) of the ambitious, dedicated or hard-working individuals would *regularly* and voluntarily spend some of that at work.

For managerial roles, I feel a 30-something can be very effective. The relative short experience may not mean a lot.

For technical roles, the long experience of a 40-something is even less valuable. My own experience is most convincing. At 25 I was more formidable than many of my older colleagues. I was sharp, fast-learning, self-driven, knowledgeable, possibly more experienced than them in a given technology.

In my early 30’s, my capabilities were seen as more formidable more outstanding , like 90 marks.

As I grow older, even if I don’t grow weaker, there are many younger guys at 90 marks. Even if we ask the same salary, 90 marks is no longer so outstanding.  Given two 90-mark candidates at 35 vs 45, I think most employers would prefer the younger since he is seen as “more promising” and rising star.


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