checklist@tsn + examples

As I said in learning nothing Strategic@a job@@ Normal ! and ## practical 10Y career planning guidelinesI don’t realistically expect to learn some fancy stuff, but I do want to keep myself engaged.

On a score up to 5

  • 5 algo trading? poor market depth
  • 4.9 pricing, risk analytics? poor market depth, thick->thin
  • 3 data analytics, possibly poor portability, market depth and churn
  • 4.1 market data, connectivity
  • 4.0 generic risk system
  • 5 non-trivial c++
  • 4.1 any C/c++ since my “muscles” still needs strengthening
  • 3 cloud enabled app? but the Mac experience was underwhelming
  • 4 hadoop, nosql
  • 4 challenging java projects
  • 3 stagnating in java, not trying anything brand new or enhancing my java zbs. low orgradient
  • 3 dotnet? unconnected. I gave it 5 for a long time
  • 3 python data analytics
  • 2 regular python tasks
  • 1 many other topics
  • 0.1 support job? still better than Quartz…. At least I get some spare time
  • 0.0 Quartz? stressful + zero python learning
notes/firm score topic

Criteria ranked:

  1. tangible traction, positive feedback
    • thin->thick->thin
  2. talent and personal advantages such as theoretical, analytics ..
  3. observable market depth
  4. lasting accu, low churn? I find this rather hard to achieve.
  5. robust demand
  6. —secondary criteria
  7. specialist domain — some level of inherent depth and complexity, but this is often oversold.
  8. defensible entry barrier and reasonably steep learning curve. HFT is really an out-lier — just too hard to break into
  9. orgro, not “unconnected”
  10. strategic, based on my short-term prediction, which is frequently and grossly inaccurate
  11. sustained focus, which is a determined by Traction and Depth

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