describe Latest project #weak@22Feb

See also my notes in C:\0\z0\cv,iview.0

Gayle has a good one-pager too for tech companies. There are similar resources.

Current project is supposed to be fresh in your mind, so interviewer has high expectation of details. Better avoid the current project.

Option: you could talk about a “past” project, but bring in details from another project, such as your actual current project, but beware you may be asked “what’s your current project?”

Avoid naive honesty, which often backfires. Such honesty doesn’t serve any purpose. We are professionals, expected to communicate truthfully but also stay relevant. The major challenge or a key component I created may be irrelevant to the interviewer or impossible to describe over phone.

Q: which component did you *design* ?

  • A: wait/notify framework to associate order requests sent out with response received. See the SCB concurrency design questionA
  • A: orderbook + reset, refresh. Orderbook alone could be too familiar to some interviewers .. hard to score points
  • A: Guardian — monitoring, with microagent + server + GUI. Easy to describe with some complexity
  • A: retrans gap mgmt. More details needed
  • A: NYSE+Arca+American integrated feed parser
  • A: Preferences framework
  • A: vol model serialization

Q: major challenges?

%%A: wait/notify framework

Q: what does the system do, in layman’s term

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