##past easy jobs : my80% did exceed benchmark

Ideally, I want to get a job role slightly lower than the highest salary, where my 80% effort can start to exceed the expectation of THE appraiser.

Grandpa said “At 100% if you don’t hit their requirement, then you don’t need to put in 120% and sacrifice family. It’s their hiring mistake. Their problem. if they don’t pay a compensation package then just leave.” Am I afraid of job change? See separate blogpost.

Looking at past jobs, the numbers below are very imprecise and subjective.


  • [b] Citi muni — my 70<-80% might be enough, or might earn me no bonus like many Citi guys.
  • [B/g] GS — after the steep learning curve, my 100% was indeed enough to meet the high bar, but I feel 95% would not be
  • [G] 95G — after I proved myself, my 80<-90% was exceeding.
    • Big factor — colleagues were weaker
    • Big factor — my designs were favored by the boss
  • [G] Barc — after I proved myself, my 70<-90% was exceeding.
    • Big factor — I built a high-value, high visibility part of the system
    • Big factor — no one else was qualified to work on that
  • [g] Macq role was very senior — my 100% was NOT enough even on the basic devops part of the job. I once felt my 80% was fine in the 1st year, but actually expectation is much higher than I thought.
  • [B] Stirt — my 100% was barely good enough but not enough to earn a bonus. The project was a few months old when I joined but I struggled with the Qz platform:(. I was unfairly bench-marked against 3Y veterans! I would look decent if bench-marked against freshers.
  • [b] OC — my 70% would be enough but too relaxed
  • [b] RTS — After initial 9 months (NYSE+Aquis), my 40<-50% would be enough


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