##9 specific Short-term goals I look fwd 2keep motivated

This question is relevant to “meaningful endeavors”, “next direction” and “sustained focus”.

Q: Over the last 10Y, what I looked forward to :

  • before GS — it’s all about earning capacity.
  • GS– promotion and salary increment, but I soon realized limitations in me, in the environment etc
  • contracting phase — in-demand, muscle building; try something new; billing rate
  • sg 3 jobs –See in SG: realistic next motivation for working hard
  • after re-entry to U.S. — IV batting average, as gauge of my market value

Q: what positive feedback can I look forward to, to keep me motivated?

  1. success with tricky coding questions from real interviews (perhaps from friends)
  2. more time for myself (but not in bad mood) — blogging, reading, exercise, sight-seeing.
  3. more time to reunion with family and grandparents. Remember [[about time]] movie theme?
  4. more income to provide for kids, grandparents and my dear wife
  5. more savings — to achieve more investment success
  6. more savings — buy a home nearer to office to cut commute
  7. more IV success, perhaps in quant or HFT domains?
  8. growing IV capabilities towards better jobs
  9. positive feedback from mgr like Anand and Ravi K.
    • promotion?
  10. build zbs in c++/py — unrelated to IV, but gives me the much-needed respect, cool confidence, freedom from stress …?
  11. weight and fitness improvement
  12. more insights to publish on my blog, a sign of my accumulation

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