field destruction]class dtor and leaks: string,vector,shared_ptr has some scenarios that are realistic and practical.

1) if you have a local std::string instance behind a variable mystr, then dtor of mystr will clean up the heap memory that was allocated by the mystr ctor. This is one of the most basic usages of std::string. There’s No heap memory leak in this simple scenario.

1b) Ditto for a std::vector.

2) If you have a vector of raw pointer, then be careful. If you used new() for each raw ptr, then you need to call delete() otherwise memory would leak.

2b) shared_ptr is a great replacement. No memory leak even if you don’t call delete()

3) if your class C has a field as a raw ptr to A, then the C dtor will run the default dtor of the ptr. As Scott Meyers said, that default dtor is a no-op. Therefore by default memory leaks. You need to manually delete()

3b) smart-ptr-to-A as a field is a clean, recommended solution.

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