financial IT profession: !! so bad #DannielYu

See also a profession u Enjoy with good {income+barrier}

(A letter I didn’t send out) Hi Daniel,

I think the programmer profession, and financial software dev in particular, is not that bad:

  • · Entry barrier — formidable, comparable to doctors or lawyers. See ##行行出状元,但有几个行业不容易出头
  • market depth — see salary probabilities(distro): mgr^NBA#market depth 
  • · Job security — actually reasonable, despite the threat of globalization and threat from younger guys. I think the high entry barrier in financial IT is to our advantage
    • o I was told some managers have job security concerns too
    • o I was told U.S. university professors also face elimination (淘汰).
  • · Work Stress — Significant variation across firms and across teams, but generally more stress than other professions.
  • · Workload — much higher than other professions. Programming is a knowledge-intensive job.
  • · Job market demand — very high for IT skills. Therefore people from other professions are drawn here.
    • o Market depth is excellent. You can find plenty of jobs from $50k (easy to cope) to $300k
  • · Age discrimination — Some professions (like research) are even better.
  • · Career Longevity — (I will delay or skip retirement) Reasonable in the U.S. Some professions (like doctors) are even better.
  • · Income — well above average among all professions. Just look at national statistics and world-wide statistics.
  • not a sunset industry, not under threat like music, movie, journalism.
  • knowledge intensive, challenging complexity

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