## c++real jobs offers I got

  1. eSpeed
  2. Pimco in 2010
  3. (Sg) Citi eq-der
  4. BNP
  5. Pimco accrual accounting 2017
  6. (sg) Art of Click
  7. ICE

Q1: Assuming past performance is an indicator of future success, how did I fare in past successful/unsuccessful c++ IV?

Outside the very selective (mostly HFT) c++ jobs, I had a pass rate around 30% on the technical front. A subset of these became real offers.

Q1a: c++ coding IV? Among the real offers I received, only eSpeed had a coding interview.

I feel the very selective c++ jobs will be difficult for me, but the majority of c++ coding IV I would have a chance. These questions usually cover recursion, array/string/primitives + perhaps some map/set.

Q1b: C++ QnA IV?
My c++ knowledge will be as good as before, after 1) reviewing my blog and 2) studying the past questions again.

If I consider my learning in Macquarie, I would say my c++ know-how is potentially better than before.

Q: What statistics would make me feel confident about my c++ competence? 10 real offers in history?
A: I feel 3 more


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