tech strength: Depth [def]

Some top geeks I know are fast at reading code + logs. Few rely on documentation. I’m OK not the fastest.

Some top geeks in “sister” teams of my team are experts with instrumentation tools and techniques. I guess other top geeks seldom need a lot of instrumentation. I feel they lack the experience but make up for it in other skills.

Some top geeks keep gaining depth if they focus on one complex system. I might have potential here. “Deep” is slightly different from “complex”. Deep means you need to slow down, /quiet down/, absorb, go through thick->thin cycles, get a laser focus, look again, and think deeper.

Perhaps related to my Depth capacity, I’m not that fast with timed online coding tests.

  • — some well-defined, often named technical subjects with depth, often opaque to the uninitiated
  • rvr, RVO
  • RAII, swap
  • [b] TMP including SFINAE, CRTP
  • [b] java generics
  • [b] JNI, python extension module — complexities lurking by the /dimly lit path/ due to low-level interfacing
  • java/c# reflection techniques in practice
  • ? python introspection
  • [B] concurrency in general and java threading in particular
  • [B] algorithms and data structures
  • clever SQL single join to solve tricky problems.
  • [B] query/sproc tuning — depth created by the large number of tables/indices and variations in queries
  • ? serialization over network
  • ? ADL techniques
  • any math and statistics subject
  • [b/B=books have been written on this topic]

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