ref-counted copy-on-write string #MIAX exchange IV

I completely failed this 2011 IV question from MIAX options exchange:

Q: outline a ref-counted copy-on-write string class, showing all the function declarations
A: here’s my 2017 answer

class Str{
	char * arr;
	unsigned int refCount; // size_t is more conventional
	~Str(); //decrement and if needed, delete the payload
	//Str(); //empty ctor is useless since we can't really modify this instance, due to copy-on-write
	Str(Str const &); // similar to shared_ptr

	Str & Operator=(Str const & other) const; // will return a reference to another instance constructed on heap (never on stack!)
	Str & replace_with(char const * arr, size_t const len) const; //ditto

// optional utilities
	char const * c_str()    const; // <-- Hey mine is very similar to std::string
	Str(char const * arr, size_t const len); // <-- Hey mine looks similar to std::string 
	Str(std::str const &); 
	friend ostream & operator<<(ostream &, Str const &); // <-- Hey I got this right 100% 

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