%%first core dump gdb session

gdb $base/shared/tp_xtap/bin/xtap ~/nx_parser/core

### 1st arg is the executable responsible for the core dump. If this executable is correct, then you should not get “No symbol table is loaded. Use the file command.” If you do, then try

(gdb) file /path/to/xtap

I think “symbol” means the variable/function names. I think gdb sees only … address not names. To translate them, presumably you need *that* file.

In my case the “xtap” executable is a debug-build, verified with “file” and “objdump” commands, according to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3284112/how-to-check-if-program-was-compiled-with-debug-symbols

Anyway, once the symbols are loaded, you should run “bt” to load the back trace (gdb) bt

Now choose one of the frames such as the 2nd most recent function i.e. Frame #1 (gdb) frame 1

Now gdb shows the exact line number and the line of source code. You can see before/after lines with “list”. Those lines may belong to other functions collocating in the same source file. (gdb) list


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