## significant coding IV xp #P/F

See also ##failed c++cod`IV: home^IDE^whiteboard:4 beat-fronts

  • webex — is shorthand for any form of remote screen sharing tool
  • paper — is a shorthand for paper, dumb editor, white-board etc
location IDE? firm/person Notes std category?
java home IDE Romain P 2018 medium-level implementation design
cpp onsite paper CVA/Dimitri P 2018 in-situ filtering O(N) algo
c onsite paper FB 😦 2018 2 short problems std algo
c onsite paper Trex 😦 2018 exchange messaging design
py onsite IDE+paper Trex p 2018 3 short problems algo
cpp onsite paper Quantum p 2018 virt func not declared in base trivial
cpp webex paper bbg p 2018 single-thr pool QQ
cpp webex paper bbg p 2018 shared ptr ctor/dtor QQ
py onsite paper bbg p 2018 continuousSentence algo
cpp onsite paper Wells ? 2017 concurrent queue std
c onsite paper Wells p 2017  remove_spaces trivial
c onsite paper bbg 2 teams p 2017 array reshuffle
c onsite IDE bbg 2 teams p 2017 btree ascending check
c onsite paper bbg 2 teams p 2017 string
cpp onsite paper bbg 2 teams ? 2017 filters on screen
C home hackerrank Thesys 😦 2017 3 problems out of 5 algo
C home IDE Thesys P 2017 first N prime Fibonacci
cpp webex IDE bbg P 2017 top N active stocks dStruct heavy
cpp onsite paper BAML P 2017 various
cpp home IDE GS 😦 2017 TickEngine dStruct heavy
C webex IDE bbg P? 2017 free slots dStruct heavy
C webex paper bbg 1st round P 2017 tree serialization std algo
Java onsite paper BGC P 2017
Java home IDE BGC P 2017 connected or not
Java home IDE HSBC P 2017
Java home IDE pimco P 2017 iterator again
Java onsite paper pimco-Zoltan P 2017
c webex IDE Citadel 😦 2017 array shrinking
py webex paper Broadway P 2017 hashtable std algo
Java home codility Qz FX options 😦 2015 too lazy
c home codility Jump 3rd 😦 2015
cpp home IDE jump 1st P 2012 order book dStruct heavy
cpp home IDE DRW Tetris 😦 2015 coding style
c webex paper bbg -London 😦 2015 unable to understand the Q
c# webex paper eikon P 2013
java home IDE MS 😦 FIX
swing webex IDE Barx P 2012 swing
C home IDE Mac 😦 2 simple problems
java home IDE MS-comm 😦 too lazy
java onsite paper Barc SOR 😦
java onsite IDE RBC P 2010
java onsite IDE UBS 😦 2011
java onsite IDE Lab49 😦 2010
java home IDE Gelber 😦 2011 multithreaded
C home IDE Amazon 😦
C onsite paper FB 😦 std regex
any onsite paper Goog 😦 2007

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