CFM quant devops job in hind sight

  • #1 wanted: c++ tooling — including MSVS, which was one of my key weaknesses
    • ROI? more than I could without this job but not a lot
  • #2 wanted: quant dev
    • ROI? zero
  • wanted: python extension dev
    • ROI? zero
  • wanted: excel add-in dev
    • ROI? zero
  • wanted: cloud experience including EC2 and S3
    • ROI? low
  • unexpected gain: devops experience, but market value is low
  • unexpected gain: python GTD esp. importation feature
  • unexpected gain: c++11 and tool-chain and features
  • unexpected gain: git GTD.  Never asked in IV though

Overall, I stayed too long. 6M might be enough. In the skill list above,

  • quant and cloud are high-value targets (but zero realized gain)
  • most of the items have low value in my upcoming interviews.
  • as to GTD, c++ tooling, python, git have values

Q: would a java job give more ROI?
A: I don’t think so.


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