Q: what do you look for in a job

Note this answer is completely unrelated to my true “10Y direction”.

I don’t want to spend too much time on this behavior question since this is one of the easiest behavior questions. Stock answers would suffice, as many candidates prepare stock answers.

Some other candidates would tailor an answer to the specific employer. I tend to go impromptu along :

  • mental engagement
    • math, statstics
    • analytical, data complexity
    • theoretical
    • complexity, not only theoretical
    • low-level challenges, like optimization
    • data volume — performance or analytics challenges
  • impact
    • in terms of number of people in downstream
    • in terms of influence at a higher level
    • helping team members?
  • work-life balance
  • remote
  • direct interaction with users
  • learn something new and strategic??? not worth mentioning.. Too misleading and complicated
  • Note I never mention “team” until prompted

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