where are jvm locks stored@@ #cf Windows

A 2017 Morgan Stanley on-site interviewer asked…

  • %%A: can’t be on stack, since multiple threads need access to it
  • %%A: probably kernel objects. On Windows, most of the synchronization objects are wrappers over kernel objects. See [[Optimized c++]] P288.
    • If java threads maps to kernel threads then I would think the same.
    • If java threads are implemented in userland, then kernel scheduler is unaware and can’t use kernel objects to control them. I would think JVM must have its own mutex objects without kernel support.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5713142/green-threads-vs-non-green-threads explains that only embedded or low-power devices use “green threads” i.e. userland threads. Linux and Windows JVM probably don’t support green threads, since the kernel provide “better” thread support.


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