import package5 #(python)when package5 = directory

Python import statement has many trivial or non-trivial scenarios. Here are some common ones:

Common scenario 1: we “import modu2” to execute and also exposes all the “public” objects and functions in modu2 as modu2.something

(Simplest scenario but still not known to some programmers.)

Common scenario 2: if pack3 is a directory containing some python modules, we can
“import pack3.modu5” or “from pack3 import modu5”. Easy to understand.

Here’s a relative unusual scenario:

./pip install --verbose --no-deps --index-url=http://ficlonapd05.macbank:9090/api/ pymodels-linux== # assuming is the pymodels version to test

>>> import pymodels
>>> pymodels.__file__
>>> pymodels.BlackImplyVol(.2, 3,3, 1, 0, 1,1)

In this case, there’s a pymodels directory but BlackImplVol is a function in the compiled library ./pymodels/ How is this function accessible?

A: when “import pymodels” is run, the ./pymodels/ script executes, which does  “from pymodels_imp import * “


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