MSVS build (!!clean-build) unable to detect upstream changes

Let's avoid the confusing word “rebuild”. In MSVS it is name of a command to clean-build. In everyday English it means

1) An action to build again, or

2) The observation that a project built again, whatever the trigger

Therefore the word “rebuild” is vague and misleading.

Many of my 200 projects use boost 1.47. I kept the boost 1.47 files unchanged, and added 1.57 files in a brand new folder. I first changed the include path and linker path inside the shared property sheet, to use boost 1.57. Unknown to me, a few projects still reference boost 1.47 files outside the property sheets. Everything built fine.

Then I physically removed the 1.47 files. I thought all the 1.47-dependent /renegade/ projects would detect the upstream change and build themselves. We wish to avoid a lengthy clean-build at solution level, so we choose the incremental build.

Indeed as expected some projects “turned themselves in” as secret dependents of boost 1.47. But to my surprise, some projects didn't. So after build-all, these projects still use boost 1.47.

Lesson learnt – after removing the boost 1.47 files, we have to clean-build all. Cutting corners here could leave some 1.47 residuals in the artefacts.

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