Fwd: techies’ common complaints about jobs

label: orig, z_job

Hi friends,

Most techies (including developers) probably feel undervalued, and

have a lot of potential not utilized on the current job.

We blame our company or our team or our job. Maybe it's too easy;

maybe it's too repetitive; maybe it's too niche. We look up at some

high flyer and ask “what if I'm given that role… I may not do better

than that person, but surely I will be competent and up to the job. It

may be boring and stressful but Hey I will earn so much more!”

In many over-staffed IT departments, about 20% of the roles are

critical and some 20% of the roles are dedicated to “peripheral”

systems that no business users care about. Perhaps that system is

lightly used, and users don't trust the output anyway.

Well, my current job gives me a lot of opportunities to push myself

higher. It's not too niche (like Quartz/Athena/SecDB). It offers

complexity and depth. Not mindless and repetitive. Not something I

feel already too familiar with (and jaded). I can see the impact

quickly. The impact is on many people. The impact is on front office.

Still I'm not so fired-up. I guess there are always better roles out

there. Better condition our mind not to think that way. Instead make

the best use of the current role. “When life gives you lemons, make



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