XiaoAn@age discrimination:$5k offer !! bad4an aging programmer

I could keep this current job in Singapore for a few years. At age 44, or 45… I might be lucky again to get another finance IT job but what about 50?

The odds will grow against me. I’m on an increasingly tilted playing field. At 60 I’ll have very very low chance.

XiaoAn points out that at such an age, even finding a $5k job is going to be tough. I believe indeed some percentage of the hiring managers don’t like hiring someone older. XiaoAn admitted he’s one of them.

You could feel confident about age discrimination, but the reality is … in Singapore there are very few such job candidates so we just don’t know how the employers would react.

Also bear in mind at age 55 I am unlikely to perform as before on interviews.

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