sticky%% imprints/reputation – java ^ c++

I feel my c++ interviews aren’t so successful (, but many traditional efforts may generate diminishing returns. (eg: Home coding project can be very time-consuming). Instead, perhaps we should look for special “imprints” – knowledge pearls that help us impress and stand out during competitive interviews. In a way, we must beat the interviewer on some front since on many questions we would be beaten.

Venkat can often stand out within a short conversation, due to his imprints.

My java interview experience – I managed to impress interviewers and stood out although my coding/design may not stand out. Am I a stronger java guy than my friends? I guess only if you quiz me on those special topics
– lock free
– wait/notify intricacies
– condition variable as replacement of wait/notify
– custom thread pool
– volatile keyword intricacies
– skip list (sorted set)
– concurrent hash map
– special singletons

Targets (memory/threading helps efficiency) —
* subvert the virtual mechanism P928[[primer]]
* dtrace
* placement new – real use cases
* replacement of RTTI
* data alignment in market data wire format
* memory page locking
* alloca()
* custom new() and free list in [[eff c++]]
* lock free – real code not concept
* template partial specialization but I don’t know the use cases?
* various custom-made smart pointers with special features — [[safe c++]]
* memory leak detectors – home made (eff c++?)
* comma operator


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