linker option -l vs -L

Linker option –l (small ell) for the lib file name; -L for to specify the search path


Finally, you must tell the linker where to find the library files. The ST-Developer Windows installation contains programming libraries built for use with Visual C++ 2005 (VC8) and 2008 (VC9) with the /MD flag, as well as versions that are link compatible with other compilers. These are kept in different subdirectories under the ST-Developer “lib” directory. The library directories available for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 are as follows:

  • $(ROSE)/lib/i86_win32_vc8_md (2005, 32bit platform, /MD)
  • $(ROSE)/lib/x64_win64_vc8_md (2005, 64bit platform, /MD)
  • $(ROSE)/lib/i86_win32_vc9_md (2008, 32bit platform, /MD)
  • $(ROSE)/lib/x64_win64_vc9_md (2008, 64bit platform, /MD)

Select the Linker category of properties and, pick the General options under that. In the Additional Library Directories property, add the appropriate ST-Developer library directory.



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