C++bbg Standard IV Questions { Zack

1. How is keyword virtual used in C++?

2. Does better O() algorithm always works faster in real cases?

3. Between pre-increment (++i) and post-increment (i++) operator, which one is more efficient in both built-in and overloading case? …….. [[more eff c++]] item 6

4. Please compare array and linked-list in terms of insertion and access

5. Please name some sorting algorithms and their time complexity

6. Can you tell me the difference between stack and heap?

7. What Linux command do I use the find a file in a directory recursively?

8. what is the virtual functions and destructors

9. what is the constructor destructor orders of a class then an inherited class

10. what is the most known sort algorithms , and what is the complexity of each

11. Smart Pointer, how does it work.

12. Templates, when use instead of inheritance…….. [[eff c++]] Item 41

13. Polymorphism, when use multi inheritance, problems that can happen, ……. [[eff c++]]

14. Sockets, monitoring sockets.

15. Multithreading, give a small example of Producer, Consumer.

16. Debugging issues, using GDB

19. TCP/IP and Multicast

20. STL and Boost libraries


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