c++11 IV 3arrow

Q: In a move constructor, is the parameter an rvalue reference? is there another rvalue reference in the call?

Q: What’s an rvalue reference actually?

Q: mutable keyword’s usage? How about in c++11?
AA: closure – captured variables can be modified if “mutable”.

Translation lookaside buffer

What part of the boost thread library did you use?

for-loop in c++11?

Why did you implement your own smart pointer?
A: to avoid uninitialized primitives? That’s a wrapper not a smart ptr

AA: both an operator and a function specifier…

Can ctor throw exception? Why do you say it’s not best practice?

How does a vector resize?
A: after copying the objects, destroy the old objects. (move ctor?)

What kind of algo is qsort? Average and worst runtime complexity?
A: average nLog(n), worse n^2

Recursive vs iterative, which is faster?
A: comparable, but space complexity lower for iterative?

what’s lockfree? How did you make it work in your projects?

How did you use parallel processing in GS?
A: data parallellism, threading, and other techniques. Coarse-grained is ideal.
A: i guess pipelining parallellism is also relevant, using task queues


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