##some of the worst technology churns#le2tanko


Here’s my expanded list of “worst” tech domains in terms of technology churn. Nothing but personal bias. For every IT professional, it’s his or her personal responsibility to identify these domains, and perhaps avoid investing (too much) into them.

Windowing GUI technologies – X-windows, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Borland c++, …
Web client GUI development — including Angular, Google Web Toolkit…
Windows administration – there seem to be many new utilities added every 5 years, replacing the old
scripting? My favorite — Perl — is now falling out of favor. Powershell seems to challenge vbscript.
ORM — too many new products. Hope to see a clear winner
Javascript libraries like node.js, angular, jquery, GWT
messaging — too many new products, spurred by web2.0

anything to do with big data —
* In-memory DB — too many new products

* Map reduce — I hope hadoop remains the standard

Web app development in general —
* java web development including struts
* Microsoft web development
* PHP? I hope this is a bit more stable, but there are definitely new packages gaining popularity

–churn-resistant domains
Oracle DBA
C++ key libraries — STL, boost
Unix admin (relative to Windows admin)
core java ie. at the core layer
SQL complex queries

What else do you think can be added?


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