beware of creating reference to dereferenced pointer

In one sample code (p190 [[c++in24hour]]), we see that once you delete a pointer, the reference to the object becomes a dangling reference. More common when multi-threaded.

I guess sometimes we do create a reference to a dereferenced pointer, but we have standard guards to avoid dangling references. What are these guards? Not sure.

Reference param is best practice in c++. What if caller passes an unwrapped pointer into a function’s ref param? How do you ensure the underlying heap/stack thingy doesn’t get deallocated?
– Single-threaded — if the pointee is accessible only on this thread, it can’t possibly “vaporize” beneath my feet. The caller won’t (technically impossible) delete the ptr before the func returns.
– multi-threaded — all hells break lose. We need guards.

There are many similar multi-threading “delete” issues to be solved with ownership control. Only one function on one thread should delete.

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